what if one of the bap boys has foot odor? what if it’s your bias?

[!] B.A.P won in 4 categories at So-Loved Awards 2014!

On the basis of the number of votes and the winners in each category, the Awards will indicate which artists will have a real chance to find their way into the European market. 

B.A.P won in the following categories (click to see video):


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cause of death: moon jongup
do you see jongup as the affectionate/intimate type to his gf? cos skinship with his members is so rare ~
asked by: Anonymous

i think that all his expressions of affection are very genuine ones, so if it was someone he was very emotionally involved with he would show greater affection but not in the kind of… obnoxious affection way. i think his public shows of affection would be subtle but he might feel the need to place his hand on your hip or hold your hand some times. 

someone told me jongups stroke game was as weak as a decaf coffee :(
asked by: Anonymous

rude, they claiming they fucked him or? i mean look at his credentials