what about Yongguk and Jongup?
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i really try hard not to think about when jongup mentioned his writing and yongguk said how he doesn’t listen because jongup isn’t a real writer.. like i don’t wanna go into that ‘protect bias’ mode but fuck it’s like jongup isn’t allowed to take a serious position in the group and they only see him as comic relief.. like they all laugh? and he looked put out about it too

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sweetganymede hush you i’m just a dysfunctional motherfucker

Stacie your honestly the most loyal out of all of us. Like, we all slip a bit but I've never seen you slip. Ever. Honestly, if not Jongup, who would you pick in B.A.P?
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i’m not really that attracted to the other members in b.a.p? i would probably go with himchan though a lot of that affection is related to jongup…

i mean i love them all they just don’t do anything for me